About Us

About Us


Vent Gator came to fruition when the Co-Founders purchased a home a few years ago. This older home needed some work when they bought it. They spent a few months tearing out carpets, painting every room, adding new windows and coverings.


Vent Gator Van


One of the things they noticed was they had a clogged dryer vent. You could see the lint clogging up the exit pipe on the side of the home. They called several companies to get their dryer vent cleaned. Most companies never answered their phone or returned the phone call. A few people that did call back were abrupt.


The company that they hired to clean the dryer vent did get a fair amount of lint out. However, the company wasn’t very professional, and they did a poor job cleaning up after themselves. Having spent years in the home services industry, they saw an opportunity for a professionally ran dryer vent cleaning company in their area.


CSIA Certified Technicians


CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician


One of the first things you’ll notice that sets Vent Gator apart from the competition is our technician training and knowledge. Every technician is a CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician. When you hire a CSIA Certified Exhaust Technician, you will be trusting that person has spent hours studying and passing the C-DET Exam.


Family Owned and Operated


Vent Gator is a family-owned and operated company. As a family-owned business, we take great pride in ensuring you get the best service possible. We pride ourselves on offering a 90-day warranty on all vent cleaning. Our goal is to treat every call if you were our family.


When dryer vents are cleaned correctly, you can drastically notice your utility bill’s difference and your dryer appliance’s performance.