Brush Removal Services

Professioanl Dryer Brush Removal Services


Some homeowners will tackle the job of cleaning their dryer vents themselves. You can go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and buy the LintEater dryer vent cleaning kit for around $35. The problem with these kits is they are not professional-grade, and some homeowners end up with costly repairs. The professional equipment we use at Vent Gator cost nearly 20-times what you will find at your local hardware store. As you can imagine, one of the questions we get frequently is:


How do you get a stuck brush out of a dryer vent?


Kits like the LintEater can break or come unhooked in the dryer vent. When this happens, it can be difficult to retrieve the brush. It will often take an experienced technician with the right equipment or, worse, a costly repair that requires removing drywall and performing a spot repair or replacing the venting.


Brush Removal


We offer a professional brush removal service. Our technician will come to your home and start with a camera inspection to see precisely where and how the brush is stuck. Once the technician understands the job, he can formulate a plan on how to remove the stuck brush. Our technician will then utilize his experience and removal tools to extract the brush or foreign objects in the vent pipe.


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