Camera Inspection

Dryer Vent Camera Inspection


You may need to have a camera inspection done on your dryer vent in many cases. If you have an older home or an unknown blockage, a camera inspection will help determine the issue.


Some of the common problems associated with dryer vents are blockages caused by birds, squirrels, mice, rats, and other animals. Often dead animals are the cause of the issue, and dryer brushes will not remove the problem. As a professional dryer vent cleaning service, we have special tools to help remove the obstructions.


Another more serious issue we come across is disconnected dryer vent pipes. When your venting pipe becomes disconnected, this can be a serious fire hazard. The separation will cause the dryer lint to leak out into the structure of your house. If a fire ignites, the metal vent pipe will not contain the fire. Most people don’t realize that the dryer vent will also expel moisture until the clothes are dry. When there is a separation in the venting, the liquids will seep out into your home, which will cause mold and bacteria to grow.


Many hidden dangers of your dryer vent run through your home. It is critical that if you suspect there is anything wrong with your piping, you get a professional dryer vent camera inspection done to evaluate the line’s condition.