Help My Dryer Stopped Working on Me

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People use dryers to ease their busy lives and take away the burden of manually drying clothes. Your house laundry system is not complete without a dryer working smoothly.


You should always ensure your dryer has an adequate power supply to function smoothly without the power circuit tripping. An electric Dryer generally runs on two circuits – one supports the heating element, and the other takes care of the rest of the functions. Always ensure you never overload the power supply.


You should also check the dryer vent and ducting regularly. Often the dryer itself is capable of functioning correctly, but the airflow is being restricted somehow. In most cases, there is a buildup of lint and other debris in the dryer venting, causing the problem. Below we will discuss some of the most common reasons a dyer has stopped working.


Reasons Why the Dryer Doesn’t Function Appropriately


Is the Dryer Plugged in Properly?


The Dryer requires a proper and consistent power supply to run efficiently. Check the circuit and reset it if it trips frequently. Check the heating element if it is drying the clothes or not. Sometimes, you could face an issue when the heating element becomes too hot but doesn’t dry the clothes, which means there is an issue with either the heating element or not receiving sufficient power supply.


Don’t Overload the Dryer?


Make sure you don’t pack the dryer too much. This ensures you don’t put too much pressure on the dryer or the motor. The primary function of a dryer is drying your clothes quickly with heat or airflow. The heat warms up the water and ensures that the clothes dry properly. If humidity collects in the dryer, it doesn’t let the dryer perform its function efficiently. Never fill up the appliance with too many clothes as it slows down the drying process, and the dryer will give problems in the long run.


Dryer Vent Cleaning


Always keep your dryer vent unclogged. This means there should be proper airflow running through the duct and air vent of the dryer. It is better to keep the vent clean by hiring professionals to maintain it. Once the vent is cleaned and reconnected to the appliance, the dryer will function smoothly. You can also safely remove the vent screen cover from the dryer and start cleaning it. Dryers require unclogged vents to work correctly.


Don’t Put Excessively Wet Clothes In


Dryers do not dry very wet or dripping clothes. The washers spin easily to remove excess water from the clothes. If your clothes are soaked in water after a wash, the appliance will not perform its function efficiently. The washer settings need to be proper for the dryer to dry clothes properly. You can use a regular drying cycle to dry the wet clothes in your Dryer.


Keep the Heating Element Under Check


In electric dryers, the air is heated through an electrical heating element which helps with drying clothes. The heating element should remain clean and free from debris or dust so that it works properly. If it doesn’t function properly, it may require replacement.


Replace the Motor


A faulty motor doesn’t allow the dryer to function properly. Replacement of the motor is essential for the appliance to work correctly. You should carefully read the instructions before you replace the motor. Replacement and installation of the motor require the services of a professional. This ensures it syncs with the Dryer effectively.




Always ensure your dryer is functioning properly and all its parts are performing their roles smoothly. A dryer that works properly is convenient for people to dry their clothes. This appliance requires regular maintenance to function properly. Keep the above tips in mind to enhance the life and efficiency of your dryer.

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