How to Perform Dryer Vent Cleaning for Apartment Buildings

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There is a lot that goes into maintaining any property. This is true whether it is a residential property or a commercial building. Numerous tasks and chores are required to keep a building of any kind in good shape.


One of the most critical home upkeep chores is dryer maintenance. In all honestly, most people give very little thought to their dryers when they are functioning correctly. It is only when they start having some trouble that they pay attention to them. While this might not be an issue with other household appliances, it’s a huge concern when it comes to dryers.


When you have a dryer that isn’t working correctly, it could indicate a much more severe problem. Unlike refrigerators with broken icemakers or a dishwasher that won’t run the pre-rinse cycle, a malfunctioning dryer can be a major fire hazard. Over 15,000 fires a year are started by dryers.


Now, since you have already seen the title of the post, you may be asking yourself, is that possible just from having a dirty dryer vent?’ The answer is a resounding “yes.” It’s not just about having a little lint in the hose. If there is a severe obstruction or blockage in any part of the vent, it may very well result in a fire at a later point.


And all of these issues can become even more complicated when dealing with multi-family dwellings such as apartments. That is because apartments’ design and structure are entirely different from single-family residences, which we will look at further as we move along. For now, let’s go over a few essential points about dryer vents:


Why Dryer Vents Need to Be Cleaned Regularly

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Like any other machine with numerous moving parts, dryers need regular care, maintenance, and servicing. A big part of that is regularly cleaning out the vents. As dryers continue to heat and dry clothes, they need an unobstructed airflow to keep everything running correctly.


When the vents get clogged with various objects (usually lint) or debris, it causes the dryer not to heat up or ventilate properly. Over time, this problem will become more serious and more dangerous.


How Apartments Differ From Single-Family Homes


Although the principles behind cleaning the dryer vents still apply to apartment buildings, applying those principles is quite different. In other words, the techniques used to clean dryer vents in houses are very different from the ones used for apartment and condominium vents.


Many factors go into this, and one is the location of the vent. Unlike houses, which usually have the dryer vent on the outside of the laundry room a foot or two above the ground, apartment complexes might have their vents near the building’s top. This will require extension ladders and other equipment to get to them appropriately.


Additionally, with an apartment, you could be dealing with multiple different vents all at the same time. Some buildings have a single laundry room shared by all of the tenants. You can see why this might become a problem very quickly.


The Cleaning Procedure for Apartment Vents


Proper cleaning of dryer vents in apartments might be a little more complicated than it is in a house, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done by a team of experienced and qualified HVAC professionals. It comes down to four necessary steps that should have your apartment’s dryer vents running smoothly and efficiently if followed.


The first step is to identify the specific vent you are working on and determine where it leads. Ensure that it is separate from all of the other vent systems and extends to an exit point on the building, not a crawl space or some other dead-end area.


After that, your vent hose should be inspected to ensure that it is in good condition and up to code. It should be an aluminum hose. If it is white plastic, it needs to be changed immediately as those are now illegal. It is vital to make sure that the hose isn’t kinked, crushed, or restricted in any way.


Step three is to run a brush down through the vent and clear out the loose lint and other possible debris. Be very careful not to get the brush and its rods stuck in the venting.


The final part of the process is to perform an inspection on the vent’s exterior to make sure that the gravity flapper is working properly. This is necessary to prevent bugs, rodents, or other animals from crawling inside and establishing a residence. Once all of these steps have been completed, your apartment’s dryer vents should back in good working condition.

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