Palm Springs

Palm Springs Dryer Vent Cleaning


Have you ever had your dryer vent cleaned? Most people neglect that the dry vent pipe accumulates massive amounts of lint and becomes a fire hazard. Lint is extremely flammable, and one of the leading causes of household fires occurs in the laundry room.


We provide a professional dryer vent cleaning service in Palm Springs. When a vent gets clogged, it will make your dryer work extra hard. At first, you will start to notice little by little, it’s taking longer for your clothes to dry. You may even begin to smell dampness or burring smell coming from your laundry room. These are all signs you have a blockage and will need your vents cleaned.


Palm Springs Air Duct Cleaning


Air ducts get dirty over time, and when they do, it ruins your indoor air quality and decreases the efficiency of your HVAC system. Do you want your family to breathe in the dust and dirt from your dirty air ducts? We provide professional air duct cleaning for Palm Springs.


Our technicians will come to your home to use professional equipment to clean your ducting. Over time your ducts can accumulate pathogens such as mold, dust mites, bacteria, and viruses. Your air ducts can become a breeding ground for these pathogens.


The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends that you get your air ducts cleaned every three to five years. Depending on other factors, you may want to get them cleaned more frequently. A few common reasons are if your home is near a freeway or your system experiences humid conditions.