Air Duct Cleaning

Need Your Air Ducts Cleaned?


Most people have the out of sight out of mind approach when it comes to air ducts. It’s not dirty if you can’t see it! They couldn’t be more wrong.


The two main reasons to have your air ducts cleaned are increasing your HVAC system’s energy efficiency and clearing contaminants out of the ventilation system.
Another critical aspect is less dust and debris in your air ducts, the cleaner your home. Pathogens can thrive in your air ducts, and you could be breathing in these contaminants like mold, bacteria, dust particles, fungi, pet dander, and dust mites.


Breathing in harmful bacteria can make allergies worse and even cause respiratory problems. Indoor air quality is a major cause of asthma, nasal congestion, and dry eyes. The removal of contaminants through professional air duct cleaning can drastically improve indoor air quality.


Our Process


Our technicians use specialized air duct cleaning systems to provide a clean and safe way to remove the dust, dirt, and debris from your air ducts. Our equipment is a combination of a powerful vacuum and a rotating brush that cleans your HVAC duct work’s inside walls. The rotating brush loosens the debris, and the powerful vacuum then collects the discarded debris so we can dispose of it properly.


Some companies clean the vents with just an air hose and not a rotating brush. We believe you will get a better air duct cleaning when a rotating brush is used to clean the inside walls of your ventilation and ducting.


Professional Technicians


Our professional team of technicians will arrive on-time and will provide a 5-star service. We take great care when cleaning your air ducts. Cleanliness is our business, and we will guarantee we will leave your home and air quality much better than before we started. All of the Vent Gator technicians are thoroughly background checked before employment. We pride ourselves on an in-depth training program and our on-going training programs.