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We provide service for your gas or electric dryer. When we perform safety inspections, we find that lint spills out of the dryer and into the dryer’s cabinet. When the dryer belts are in motion and with the dryer drum tumbling, the lint will fly around everywhere inside your dryer. This will create an awful mess inside your dryer and become the biggest fire hazard in your home.


Most people never think about the lint inside their dryer because the lint is out of sight and out of mind. But laundry room fires overwhelming start inside the dryer and often because of neglective servicing of the appliance.


If you are not sure if your dryer needs servicing or not, we can provide an inspection. In many cases, if you have a newer dryer and adequately maintain and operate it, there is no need to have the appliance serviced. We do recommend having a safety inspection for any dryer appliance that is two years or older.


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