How to Troubleshoot a Dryer Not Working?

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A dryer is a straightforward machine which dries your clothes when wet clothes by a rotational process. Hot air is generated to make your drying process work. The moisture from the clothes gets collected in the exhaust hose pipe of the dryer. When you face common problems like dryer not working, dryer not heating adequately, dryer not switching on or dryer drum doesn’t turn completely. You can adopt different solutions to fix such problems. Also, ensure that you clean the clogged dryer vent to avoid such issues from arising.


Dryer Not Working Properly


There are various reasons why a dryer doesn’t work correctly. One of the reasons is that the dryer has broken parts inside it doesn’t receive enough power supply to function. Please ensure the dryer is securely plugged and receives an adequate power supply to function. Ensure the breaker box is in place, which gives 240 volts to the dryer to function correctly. If this doesn’t happen, it means the dryer is not heating enough to dry the clothes.


Dryer Not Heating Properly


An electric dryer doesn’t heat adequately or faulty because it has a defective heating element. It would help if you replaced or repair this faulty heating element so that the dryer starts heating properly and dries your clothes in a specified time. Dryers also do not heat if the dryer vents are clogged badly. This is the reason why vents require timely cleaning and maintenance.
Dryer Not Able to Start


There are multiple reasons which give rise to the problem of a dryer not starting. To resolve this problem, you should first check the power source and identify whether your dryer is receiving an adequate power supply to start. You should also check whether the breaker box is working correctly or not. An electric dryer generally has two breaker boxes clicked together. If the dryer trips, you should switch it off and switch it on again. You can also get your dryer’s wire changed if there are any cuts or bends in the wire. This is another reason for the dryer not working. It would be best if you focused on replacing the wire to not face a safety hazard.


Dryer Drum Not Spinning


If your dryer drum doesn’t spin, it means the belt of the drum has worn out. It would be best if you planned on removing the belt and turning the drum with your hand. If this process doesn’t work, it means the drum bearing requires immediate replacement. If you hear the drum motor running and the drum still doesn’t turn, it means the drive belt of the drum is broken. You should unplug the dryer so that you can replace these belts to solve the problems with your dryer.


Dryer Makes Noises


If your dryer is making noises, it means the pulley of the dryer is damaged, and it is unable to pull the drum belt, which helps the clothes to dry by swirling. It is surprising whenever you start an electric dryer, it switches on when the clothes are wet, but after some time, due to a faulty thermal fuse, it switches off again without drying the clothes. This means the thermal fuse of the dryer requires replacement since it is not working correctly. To keep your dryer running, you should annually service it to repair issues like thermal fuse not working or replacing any other part which causes the tripping issue in the dryer.




Dryer vent cleaning generally helps maintain a dryer’s efficiency since clogged vents do not allow the dryer to function properly. You can replace the thermal fuse in your dryer so that it doesn’t trip while drying clothes. Keep the power supply in check to ensure your dryer works properly.

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